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Second (permanent) stage partner visa processing – new police checks needed?

Thursday, April 20th, 2023


Second stage Partner visa Processing.


The temporary partner visa (subclass 820 0r 309) and the permanent partner visa (subclass 801 or 100) are both applied for at the same time and in the same online application.

Initially, applicants are processed for the temporary partner visa.

Two years from the date the partner visas are applied for, applicants are eligible to be processed for the permanent partner visa (permanent residency).


Documents required for second stage partner visa processing

To be processed for the permanent partner visa, there is an online form that needs to be completed, updated relationship evidence needs to be provided, and Statutory Declarations from the sponsor and witnesses need to be provided.


Are new police checks required?


As part of applying for the temporary visa, visa applicants and their sponsor would have provided police checks for each country that they have spent a year or more in (cumulatively) in the last ten years.

For the second stage partner visa processing, the sponsor is not required to supply new police checks.

However, the visa applicant is required to provide a new police check for each country they have spent a cumulative period of a year or more in since they were granted their temporary partner visa (subclass 820 or 309).

For many applicants, this will mean they will need to provide a police check for Australia.

Some applicants will need to provide a new police check for other countries – it all depends where they have been living since the grant of the temporary partner visa, and how long they have been living there for.


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This information is correct at April 20th, 2023.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.