Our Fees

Fair and Reasonable Fees

Our Fees are Value For Money

We provide expert immigration services for a very fair price.

We charge a fixed professional fee, so you always know exactly how much our total fee will be. There are no hidden charges or fee surprises.

We don’t charge extra for photocopying, secretarial services, postage, international phone calls, etc.


Do you just need information or advice? 

Immigration lawyer Ross McDougall will meet with you for an hour (at our Adelaide office or by telephone) to get full details about your situation. He will then advise you on your options, your best course of action and answer all your questions. The fee for this meeting is $175. Contact us to arrange a convenient time.


Our fixed-price fee to represent you in:


  • a Partner Visa application.

Our fixed-price fee is: $5,990.

Our fee can be paid over time in two 50% payments.

We fully prepare and lodge your application for both the temporary and the permanent partner visas and your Australian partner’s visa sponsorship application.

We manage your application and represent you right through to receiving the Immigration Department’s decision on your temporary partner visa application.


  • a Prospective Marriage (engaged) Visa application.

Our fixed-price fee is: $4,990.

Our fee can be paid over time in two 50% payments.

We fully prepare, lodge and manage your application for your prospective marriage visa and your Australian fiance(e)’s visa sponsorship application.

We represent you right through to receiving the immigration Department’s decision on your prospective marriage visa application.


  • an Administrative Appeals Tribunal appeal of a visa refusal decision.

Our fixed-price fee is normally within the range of $4,990 to $5,990.

We will give you a fixed-price fee quote at our one-hour initial consultation with you – once we know the full details of the visa application refusal.

Our fee can be paid over time in two 50% payments.  


See here for Immigration Department visa application charges and Tribunal application fees


Our fees can be paid by electronic funds transfer, by cash, or by Credit Card (a small processing fee applies for credit card payments).