Visa Refusal Appeals


We can appeal a visa refusal:

15732601_sA visa refusal decision can usually be appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT will make a new decision on your visa application and can reverse the Immigration Department’s refusal decision.

To ensure that your appeal is carefully researched, prepared and presented at the AAT, we will:

  • give you the best representation – by an experienced Immigration Lawyer.
  • prepare and lodge your application for review by the AAT – critical time limits apply for lodging review applications.
  • lodge a Freedom of Information request on your behalf to obtain a copy of all information and documents the Department of Immigration has about your visa application.
  • examine the history of your visa application and the Department’s reasons for refusal.
  • gather detailed information from you about the facts of your situation.
  • consider where the Department of Immigration may have incorrectly refused the application and the potential grounds for the AAT reversing that decision.
  • research current and relevant immigration law, etc.
  • gather evidence, prepare supporting statements, etc.
  • prepare written witness statements from any witnesses who will be giving evidence at your hearing.
  • write a detailed legal submission arguing your case for the AAT Member to receive before the hearing day.
  • prepare you and your witnesses for your AAT hearing – advise on what you should do and should not do at the hearing.
  • attend the AAT hearing with you as your legal representative.
  • ensure that all relevant issues are covered at the hearing and that your situation has been understood by the AAT Member. We note any issues that may require a further written submission to the AAT Member.


AAT appeals have a much greater chance of success if they are prepared and presented by a Migration Lawyer or Registered Migration Agent.

It is critical that your case is well prepared and presented at the AAT as further appeal options (Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court) are more expensive and have a lower chance of success.


We offer a fixed-price fee to represent you in an AAT appeal.