When partner visa applicants can do the medical examination and what happens if it’s not done in time.


When can the partner visa medical be done?

The partner visa medical can only be completed by the visa applicant after the partner visa application has been lodged.

It would be useful if the medical could be completed before the partner visa application was lodged – so that an applicant with a health condition knows if they will pass the medical before they pay the (almost $9,000) visa application charge.

However unfortunately, this is not possible.

After the partner visa application is lodged, the immigration department advises the visa applicant to complete the medical examination within 28 days.


If it is not possible to complete the medical examination within 28 days (because, for example, there are no appointments available in that period), then it is crucial that the immigration department be advised of this before the 28 days expires – along with providing evidence of your appointment to complete the medical outside of the 28-day period.


Ocassionally, applicants have had partner visa applications refused for not completing the medical within 28 days and not advising the department within the 28 days of why they cannot complete it within the time period and showing the department that they have an appointment for a later date.


If there are no medical appointments available within 28 days, keep trying to book – appointments are sometimes cancelled and become available again.


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Ross McDougall.

Immigration Lawyer & Solicitor.



This information is correct at March 1st, 2024.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

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