Partner visa applications and ‘site visits’.


Do site visits by immigration officers happen?

Yes, they do.  It’s not common, but from time to time immigration officers will visit the home of partner visa applicants and/or relatives of partner visa applicants, in Australia or overseas.

For example, the parents of a partner visa applicant may be visited at their home and interviewed by Australian immigration officers about their knowledge of their son’s/daughter’s relationship and partner visa application.

They could also be asked about the contents of any form 888s and other documents they may have provided for the partner visa application.


How likely is this to occur?

Not very. However the chances of it occurring increase significantly if the immigration department has doubts about the genuine nature of the partner visa applicant’s relationship and visa application.


Will there be advance notice from the immigration department of a planned site visit?

Possibly, but there is no guarantee that advance notice will be given.


Should we be concerned about this?

As long as your relationship and partner visa application are genuine, you should not be overly concerned.  In fact, it can be an opportunity for the genuine nature of your relationship to be confirmed by others that are being visited and interviewed.


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This information is correct at July 8th, 2020.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

Information (or the lack of it) contained here does not take into account anyone’s individual circumstances and should not be relied upon as immigration assistance or legal advice.

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