Partner visa applications and interviews


Are partner visa applicants interviewed?

The simple answer is – some are, and some aren’t!

It is not guaranteed or automatic that the immigration department will interview partner visa applicants and/or their sponsor.  Many times, partner visas are granted to applicants who have not been interviewed – their application is decided solely ‘on the papers’ (on the evidence and documents submitted).

However, some other partner visa applicants – and sometimes also their sponsor – are interviewed.

What happens at an interview?

Interviews can be face-to-face at an immigration department office. Or, they can be by telephone. Telephone interviews are more common than face-to-face.

A potentially difficult thing with telephone interviews is that often they happen without notice or being scheduled.  The applicant just receives a call from the immigration department on their telephone – it’s a ‘surprise’ interview about their partner visa application.

What are applicants asked at interview?

There is no ‘formula’ for what is asked at an interview – they are all a bit different.  But, you could expect to be asked about your knowledge of your partner – in some detail.

The interview is designed to probe each person’s knowledge about the relationship and about his/her partner, to help the immigration department determine whether a relationship is genuine.

I can provide my clients with a sample list of some of the potential questions (around 100 example questions) that might be asked in an interview.  They are then prepared when – and if – the immigration department calls.

My recommendation

Overall, I recommend that you don’t underestimate the interview process.  Answer the questions fully and truthfully.  If you don’t know the answer to a question then it’s best to say you don’t know.  That’s much better than making up an answer to a question that you don’t know the answer to.  Good luck!

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This information is correct at June 17th, 2019.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

Information (or the lack of it) contained here does not take into account anyone’s individual circumstances and should not be relied upon as immigration assistance or legal advice.

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