Partner visa applicants and joint bank accounts.

Couples lodging a partner visa application need to show immigration that they have combined their financial affairs.

Having a joint bank account (a bank account in both of the couple’s names) is one piece of useful evidence that a couple’s finances have been combined.

It’s important that both of the couple actively use their joint bank account after they open it – ideally both making deposits into it and using the funds in it for day-to-day living expenses.


Sometimes, one of the couple will be in Australia on a temporary visa – a visitor visa for example.

Can the couple open a joint bank account in Australia if only one of them is an Australian permanent resident or citizen?  The answer is possibly – it depends on which Australian bank you approach.


In the recent past, the following banks have been known to open joint bank accounts for a couple where one of the couple is in Australia on a temporary visa (such as a visitor visa):

  • Commonwealth (Google ‘CBA migrant banking’)
  • Westpac
  • ANZ
  • BankWest


This list does not include every Australian bank that provides this service – some, but not all, other banks do also.

Keep in mind that banks change their account products from time to time – what they offer today, they may not offer tomorrow.

All the best with opening (and using!) your joint bank account.

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This information is correct at September 8th, 2022.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

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