Partner and Prospective Marriage Visa processing times during Covid-19 – what we’re seeing.


We’re seeing that Covid -19 is definitely affecting the current processing times for lodged Partner visa and Prospective Marriage visa applications – sometimes in unexpected ways.

Prospective Marriage visa applications

Immigration is still accepting applications for Prospective Marriage Visas (subclass 300).

However, the processing of Prospective Marriage visa applications appears to have been suspended currently.

The suspension of processing is not necessarily a bad thing at the moment. This is because Prospective Marriage Visa holders are currently not allowed to enter Australia – and, their visa expiry date is coming ever nearer.  That’s a problem without an answer at the moment.


Partner Visa applications – onshore and offshore (the temporary visa stage – subclasses 820 and 309)

Immigration is still accepting applications for Partner Visas – onshore and offshore.

The processing of temporary partner visa applications is continuing.  However, delays are being experienced – particularly with offshore partner visa applications.  The closure of many of Australian immigration’s overseas offices due to Covid-19 would be contributing to the delays.  Most of the overseas offices appear to have re-opened now.


Partner Visa applications – onshore and offshore (the permanent visa stage – subclasses 801 and 100)

The processing of permanent partner visa applications is continuing.

We have seen some very quick grants of permanent partner visas that have been lodged recently – some within a month or two of lodging all of the forms, documents and evidence.

However, some permanent partner visa applications (lodged pre Covid – 19) are still waiting for a decision – even though they have been ‘decision-ready’ for a year or more.

What to conclude from this? – Immigration appears not to be processing permanent partner visa applications in the order they receive them.

Whilst that’s potentially good for applicants who have lodged recently, it’s unfair for other applicants who lodged much earlier.

Overall, it makes no sense.


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This information is correct at September 15th, 2020.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

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