New Form 888 and File Numbers


The new Form 888 requires a File Number.

A new Form 888 (which is used by witnesses to your relationship) was introduced in July 2023 – it’s simpler and better.


However, there is this new requirement on the new form 888 for the:

  • Transaction Reference Number


  • File Number


The Transaction Refernce Number and File Number are allocated to your partner visa application whilst it is being prepared (Transaction Reference Number) and after it is lodged (File Number).


What if you don’t yet have these numbers?

If you are having form 888s prepared and you don’t yet have thses numbers, you can:


  • add them to the Form 888 later when you have them

or, less ideally,

  • Lodge the form 888 without them (Immigration can still identify the visa application from the visa applicant’s name on the form).



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Ross McDougall.

Immigration Lawyer & Solicitor.

This information is correct on June 12th, 2024.  But keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

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