Benefits of a joint bank account as partner visa evidence.


Why have a joint bank account?


Basically, it’s good evidence for a partner visa application that as a married or de facto couple, you have combined your finances and you are financially supporting each other.


Do we both need to contribute to our joint bank account?

Ideally, yes.  Although sometimes only one partner will have an income, so in that situation it’s ok if only one partner contributes to the joint bank account.

When both partners are contribuitng to the account, it’s not necessary that it be on a 50/50 basis – one partner may be earning more than the other, for example.  So, 80/20 or 60/40 contibutions, for example, are also OK.


Should we spend our funds in the joint bank account?


You could have a joint bank account just to save money in – for a rental bond, or a home loan deposit, for example.

Or – and this is good as evidence for a partner visa application – you could both use the funds in the joint bank account for your day to day living expenses – your groceries, rent, car expenses, clothing, entertainment, etc. etc.

Some couples have two joint bank accounts – one for saving and one for their living expenses – that’s good evidence.


How long should we have the joint bank account for?


The longer you have had, and used, your joint bank account before you lodge the partner visa application, the stronger it is as evidence.


Further Information

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This information is correct at March 23rd, 2023.  But, keep in mind that immigration law changes from time to time.

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