Registering a Relationship in South Australia is possible.


South Australian Relationship Register commences

The South Australian Government has finally enabled male-female and gay couples to register their relationship in South Australia. The new South Australian relationship register commenced on August 1st, 2017.  It’s been a long wait and it’s a welcome development!

Here’s how it works

You can apply if you are over 18 years of age and in a relationship with another person as a couple, provided at least one person lives in South Australia. Couples may apply irrespective of their sex or gender identity.

Your relationship cannot be registered if you or your partner are married, already in a registered relationship, in a relationship as a couple with another person, or related by family.

Applications must be accompanied by completed statutory declarations witnessed by an authorised person and the application fee of $108.

Both persons in the relationship must apply

The earliest your relationship can be registered is 28 days after lodging your complete application and payment of the fee.

It’s not a requirement that you have a ceremony to register your relationship. However, you may choose to, either at the Registry Office or at another location.

You can either order a standard certificate or commemorative certificate package.


Feel free to contact me for a consultation if you need further information about this long-awaited new development and how registering your relationship could benefit a partner visa application.


Ross McDougall

Immigration Lawyer


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