Partner visa applications are now online only – no paper.

The Immigration Department has announced – with very little warning – that from November 18th, 2017, all Partner and Prospective Marriage Visa applications must be lodged online.

This change applies to all partner and prospective marriage visa applications lodged in Australia or overseas.

Prior to this announcement, applicants had the option of lodging an online application or an application on paper which they would post to the department in Australia or overseas.

The effect of this

This change won’t affect our practice – we have lodged only online partner and prospective marriage applications for the last four years or so.  

However, it will potentially significantly affect applicants who are attempting to prepare and lodge their partner visa applications themselves. Many of these applicants may not be confident using computers – or even have a computer.  Additionally, the Immigration Department’s online lodgement software is unfortunately not easy or strightforward to use.

This change is no doubt an efficiency measure by the department. However, it may have unintended consequences for applicants attempting to prepare and lodge partner and prospective marriage visa applications themselves.  Take care! 

Ross McDougall

Immigration Lawyer

RPM Migration Lawyers


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